Our History

The first Infinity Surfboard was shaped in 1970. It is a 7′ balsa single fin with #1 proudly printed on the tail. It has never been ridden but hangs as a memorial on the wall. Since that time, more than 40,000+ surfboards have been carefully created. They on the other hand, have taken the drop and drawn every possible line that perhaps 45,000 or more riders could think of.

hb store

Original shop in Huntington Beach, CA

 The surfboard shapers and designers at Infinity, consist of master craftsman Steve Boehne and his two sons Dan and Dave. The Boehne family tree takes a lot of pride in the heritage that they bring to each shape. Steve, who taught the rest of the crew the many lessons in sculpting foam, shaped and glassed his first board in 1960 at the age of 13.

Steve discovered surfing in 1959. His first board was a balsa Velzy -Jacobs. He surfed Torrance Beach and Palos Verdes Cove. The early surfing culture was strong in “South Bay” even before the Beach Boys records. He built about a hundred boards in his garage until 1968 when he went to work shaping for Gordie Surfboards. Gordie was a master craftsman and really helped Steve refine his classic longboard shapes.

Shortboards exploded on the scene around ’69 and Steve shaped about 50 boards a week for several shops in Huntington Beach for the next couple of years. He and Barrie were married in 1971 and together, they opened the first Infinity Surf Shop. It was in an old gas station on 5th and PCH in Huntington beach. The hand painted sign boasted perfect surfboards, hopefully that meant perfectly suited.

Infinity Surf Shop, Dana Point CA

Infinity Surfboards Dana Point, CA


We continue and try to stay true to our roots and make perfect surfboards. We pride ourselves on making the most versatile range of boards for all kinds of surfers. Shortboards, Longboards, SUP’s, Retro, Tandem, Waveski we make it all! All by hand right here in Southern California.

Infinity Surfboards has always been “MADE OUT WEST”








Meet the Shapers


Steve Boehne

Boehne started Infinity Surfboards in 1970. The first 20 years he personally shaped over 500 boards per year. Boehne still personally shapes 400+ boards per year beside 5 additional Infinity shapers.

Steve and Barrie Boehne were tandem surfing stars for over 30 years. They won more contests than any other tandem team in history. Their wins include 6 Makaha International Titles, 8 Biarritz-European Championships, and 2 ASP World Titles. Boehne’s tandem board shapes are prized the world over. Surfing, as well as foam dust are in Boehne’s blood.

He has a comprehensive understanding of surfboard design learned from his many years of riding and shaping such a wide variety of boards. He rides and makes everything from Stand Up Paddle boards, shortboards, longboards, tandem boards, guns, kneeboards, sailboards, paddleboards, wakeboards, to wave ski’s.

Steve is truly one of the finest surfboard craftsmen of our time.



Dan Boehne

His father got him on the planer in 1988 when he was eleven and his shaping career took off fast. By thirteen he was already shaping boards for guys like U.S. champ Mike Cruickshank, Pat O’connell, and Vince de la Pena.

In 1994 Surfing Magazine named Dan as one of the 30 best up and coming shapers. Wave Action Magazine called him a “shaping prodigy” in 1995 and in 1996 he was featured in a Surfing Magazine article titled “Shaping the Future, meet the Al Merricks of tomorrow”.

In 2005 Transworld Surf Magazine featured his Teahupoo gun design in the surfboard science article. He has also been featured in other publications such as Beach Happy, the Japanese magazines Fine, Warp, Free and Easy, and France’s Surfer’s Journal.

Dan’s talent as a surfer and background in science help him to create surfboard designs that surfers of all levels excel on. Shaping all of his personal boards since 11, Dan’s shapes have taken him to 1st overall in PASL in 1993, winner of the Power Turn award in the 1995 Quiksilver Expression Session and 2nd overall for two consecutive years in NSSA in 1996 and 1997. He was the only shaper invited to surf in the 2005 VZ Teahupoo trials. In 2000 Dan earned his Bachelors in Biological Sciences from UC Irvine and in 2004 he earned his Doctorate in Dental Surgery from UCLA. Dan’s comprehensive understanding of surfboard design and attention to detail show in every surfboard he shapes.

Dave Boehne

Older brother to Dan, Dave has been a designer as long as he can remember. Designing logos and artwork for Infinity before he was old enough to drive a car. Just like Dan, their father Steve taught Dave how to use a planer and hand shape boards from scratch. Dave has always been a fan of riding ALL types of surfboards from performance thrusters, twinnies, logs, singlefins, etc searching for the next “feel”.

From the mid 1990’s to the early 2000’s Dave surfed and competed on Dan’s shortboard shapes on the WQS tour both in shortboard and longboard divisions. Dave placed 1st in a handful of PLA Events (Professional Longboard Association) on his own shapes (at that time a twin fin longboard design which is an infinity staple called the “cluster”) and reached the semi-finals in the US Open of Longboarding.

While Dan continued to shape full bore, Dave started working for some of the industry’s biggest companies like …Lost, etnies, OAM and Ezekiel managing the worlds best surfers like Jamie O’brien, the Malloys, Chris Ward, Taylor Knox, Benji Weatherley to name a few as a Surf Marketing Manager. This experience gave Dave the opportunity to travel the world and try different shapes in all types of waves with some of the worlds best surfers. Dave is now designing shapes in collaboration with Dan and in 2009 formed “theBoehneBros” surfboard collective. Fan favorites the “5F”, “Slinger”, “tombstone” and “Blurr” are some of Dave’s latest designs.