12'6" x 25" and 14' x 25"

The Cutthroat is Slater Trout’s signature Ocean Racer.

Completely new and redesigned for 2015 we worked directly with Slater and the Infinity SpeedFreaks to make the most versatile ocean and intra-coastal racer available.

This board bridges the gap for people who paddle both flat and open ocean conditions daily. With an all new 3 stage rocker that increases forgiveness in chop and downwind sliding while maintaining competitive flat water glide. This board sprints incredibly fast and has also been a great choice for surf race style competition.

The secret is the all new "3-Stage" rocker design.

This board features a rise in the front rocker matched with a longer flatter speed section before exiting with an excellerated kick in the tail.

The Cutthroat features our new custom “flat” deck cockpit for max comfort and that surfboard feel while moving about the board in bump and bottom concaves for added stability and lift.

Available in both 12’6” and 14’ Lengths

***choose this board if you are someone that lives by the ocean that paddles in a marina and also goes outside in the open ocean. Or flatwater paddler that experiences chop and downwind conditions***