Phoenix V1

Phoenix V1

Phoenix V2

Phoenix V2

Phoenix V3

Phoenix V3

Phoenix V4

Phoenix V4

Phoenix Keels

Phoenix V2 Army by Boardworks

Phoenix V2 Army by Boardworks

Phoenix V2 Green by Boardworks

Phoenix V2 Green by Boardworks

Phoenix V2 Gray by Boardworks

Phoenix V2 Gray by Boardworks

Phoenix V2 Blue by Boardworks

Phoenix V2 Blue by Boardworks

Quick Clip of the Phoenix V2 in action

The Phoenix is a mini simmons style SUP designed by Dave Boehne and Infinity team rider Chris Hill... Fast, stable, and a fun fishy ride...

The popularity of this design has been unreal and has evolved into 4 specific designs making up the most comprehensive "simmons" style sup line available.

The Phoenix are short,wide, and carry more volume than your typical board. This allows a rider to go much shorter than ever thought possible while maintaining fantastic stability and paddle speed.

Automatically take 1ft+ off of the length of your current board.

The parallel outline and wide tail allow the board to have automatic speed from take off and get the board up and planing on it's own. We match that up with a twin and/or quad set up for unmatched speed and maneuverability.

We use ProBox fin system exclusively on the Phoenix adding to the boards versatility and unmatched custom options.

We have developed signature "Phoenix" Keel twin fins and Quad sets with Larry Allison which makes the Phoenix stand out from all the rest.

There has been endless R&D from Larry Allison, Chris Hill, and Dave Boehne on this project to get us where we are today and the results speak for themselves. As they say "Believe the hype!"

Pricing of the Phoenix by BOARDWORKS starts at $1099 (contact us for custom pricing)

Phoenix V1:

Version 1 is the original and the one that started it all.

This board is a great place to start for guys venturing into smaller SUP's.

The V1 is super stable and the highest volume.

Rolled belly hull entry blending into a specific "tear" drop style concave between the fins. We recommend this model in a twin fin set up for maximum speed and the fun skaty feel we all enjoy in small gutless surf. This board is also very fun to paddle flat water with the family.

Phoenix V2:

Version 2 is our most popular model. A performance tuned version of the original

V2 features a much thinner foil in the nose and tail thanks to a subtle "S" deck and angular rails. This keeps the volume right where you need it for paddling and allowing a nice thin performance style rail in the water for turning on a dime.

The outline is still very parallel but a bit more pulled in on either end from V1.

The bottom has a subtle hull entry that blends into a blended V bottom in the sweet spot which compliments the placement of the fins beautifully.

We can do multiple tail options as well. Square, Diamond, Arc, Jet, Swallow etc...

Fast, stable, turns on a dime. V2 is sick...

Phoenix V3:

The short boarders Phoenix.

We pull in the nose and tail template while maintaining a parallel rail line through the middle.

Adding a wing pulls the tail template in even narrower while keeping a wide tail block for max planing speed and stability.

We add an "elevated wing" to trick the water while turning. Your board will feel 2" narrower under your back foot while turning.

This wing aides in hallow waves with some bite as well.

We still don't know all the capabilities of this board as it has been proven to be a very versatile little whip!

Phoenix V4:

Evolution in design and creativity.

This Phoenix features an asymetric tail. This breaks the rules and is essentially two different sized boards in one performance package.

Feel the heelside advantage with an Asym.

The Asym tail makes a lot of sense with the wider surf style SUP's.

We shorten the outline and snub the nose for minimal volume displacement.

The placement of the fins are key. The heelside has generous amount of V while the toe side edge is complimented with a spiral V contour.

Rocker, outline, and fin placement come together in harmonious hydrodynamics.

Suggested Stock Sizes:

7' x 30" x 4" x 105L

7'7" x 30" x 4" x 124L

8'7" x 30.5" x 4.5" x 159L

9' x 30.75" x 4.5" x 169L

9'6" x 31" x 4.5" x 180L

Call direct (949) 661-6699 or email to ask current inventory or inquire about a custom built Phoenix.

Custom orders take 8 weeks for completion