The Carver

The Carver

The Carver is a performance board made for bigger guys who are experienced SUP surfers looking to "step down" in size/length and step up their performance.

We thin the foil overall to maintain a thin nose and tail. The outline enables both nose riding and performance off the tail. This performance outline is fuller than the Team Label "TL" for stability.

The bottom has a flat "speed" section between the feet which rolls into Vee positioned in the sweet spot of the rocker which gives the Carver it's magic ride. We also offer this board in any custom dimensions / volumed desired by rider.

Available Spring 2015 from Boardworks
9'4 x 31 x 4.25 x 150L
9'10 x 32 x 4.25 160L

Available in custom sizes (6-8 weeks)