The Dart Racer

The Dart Racer

Flat water racer with "Destroyer" nose.

The Dart bow can be even sharper with a more V’d bottom than the Canoe nose because the hull gets narrower from the deck down. This means that the deck is not as narrow or V’d as the Canoe nose, but below water line, it is sharper.

Low profile needle style nose provides fast "out of the gate" speed while forcing the wide point in the outline further back.

This helps with stability and also creates a closer to the body, more powerful stroke.

The extreme wide tail adds stability and snags everything resembling a bump.

Every race board is custom made so everthing from width, tail shape, cockpit depth, color etc is customizable upon consultation.

You can choose either bow depending on your opinion of bow shapes. Both the Canoe nose or Destroyer nose can be made with a solid, ½” fiberglass tip that will make them stronger and even sharper.

The Dart is the ultimate flat water weapon. The finest displacement racing down a parallel outline makes up for a very fast and incredibly quiet paddle.