Infinity race boards are a careful blend of outline, rocker, bottom contour and rail shape to make them slice through the water with as little disturbance as possible. We have found that a sharp Vā€™d bottom in the nose splits the water, which reduces the bow wake and friction. At the same time, we use a precise tail rocker to bring the bottom of the tail in perfect alignment with the water surface to reduce drag. The idea is to avoid the bow rising up and the tail sucking down as you increase speed. You want the board to remain level in the water at all speeds.

Notice that boards with a flat-bottomed, turned down nose will push water while at the same time increase friction as waves wash over the bow and up onto the deck. We avoid pushing water and inviting water up onto the deck.

Infinity is one of the few companies who will make a board with a 2.5ā€ deep cockpit and drain pipe for those who want the most stability in choppy conditions. Standing in this cockpit only one half inch above the water line is the most stable. We also do a standard 1.5ā€ deep cockpit for those who prefer the widest foot position possible.